EURATOM Inertial Fusion Energy "keep-in-touch" activities


History and mandate


  • 1996-

Following the CCFP's statement* that "a coordination of the national efforts in the field of civilian inertial confinement fusion (ICF) would be beneficial" (12 June 1996), Commissioner E. Cresson instructed her services to prepare the setting up of a Coordinating Committee on ICF research. So a preparatory group, gathering experts from involved member states, was established.

After inventorying the civilian ICF-related activities in the represented countries (11 October 1996), the group concluded that the next step toward coordination would consist in defining its technical content and distributing some resources to support it for the remaining two years covered by the current Fusion Programme.

Subsequently, a technical group (ICF CC-TG) was set up with representatives of 6 European states: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. It met first in Brussels on the 20th of February, 1997.

  • 1998-2006

The ICF CC-TG was renamed, during a meeting held in December 1998, Inertial Fusion Energy coordinating committee - technical group (IFE CC-TG) to emphasize the long-term objective of the coordination: energy production.

Activity continued through FP5 - with a doubling of its budget (from 500k to 1 M) - and FP6. The IFE CC-TG included then new members from Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

  • 2007-

During its March meeting, the CCE-FU** took the following decisions for FP7:

  • endorsed the continuation of the coordination of the member states civilian research activity in inertial confinement, in the context of a keep-in-touch (KiT) activity, through the current arrangements of the Contracts of Associations,

  • agreed to the establishment of an IFE working group (IFEWG) for the coordination of IFE activities (thus replacing the previous IFE CC-TG),

  • endorsed the Commission's proposal that Dr Ingo Hofmann (GSI Darmstadt) becomes the chairman of the group,

  • requested from the group an annual watching brief on the development in the area of inertial fusion energy.


* Consultative Committee for the Fusion Programme

** Consultative Committee for the EURATOM specific sesearch and training programme in the field of nuclear energy (FUsion)