Matter in Extreme Conditions
from MATerial science to PLAnetary physics

International School and Workshop (2019)

International School and Workshop (2017)

GDRI (2016)

International School and Workshop (2015)

Welcome to the Matter in Extreme Conditions: from MATerial science to Plasmas for Laboratory Astropohysics (MECMATPLA) web site.

Subject : The GDRI MECMATPLA gathers 4 countries : France, Japan, UK and Germany that work together in the field of mater in extreme conditions. This project focus on materials properties under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, ie compressed dynamically or isochorically heated. More

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Important Dates

March 17-23 2019 Third winter school to be held in Montgenèvre, FRANCE
January 29- February 4 2017 Second winter school to be held in Montgenèvre, FRANCE
September 1- December 31 2016 Registration
May 25-26 2016 GDRI MECMATPLA Mid-Term meeting
It will take place in the IHP in Paris, FRANCE
May 25, Room 314 and May 26, Room 201
September 8-9 2015 Report meeting in Bayreuth, GERMANY
June 10 2015 GDRI meeting in Kurashiki, JAPAN
February 5 2015 Minutes Enlarged Executive Committee GDRI meeting Montgenèvre, FRANCE
February 1-7 2015 International School and Workshop, in Montgenèvre, FRANCE
September 19 2014 Meeting of the Scientific Committee
It have taken place in the IHP in Paris, FRANCE

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