The Accélérateur Linéaire de Saclay (ALS), unveiled early 1969, delivered its last electron bunch on the 10th of June, 1990. After the approval of definitive closure and of dismantlement signed the 12th of January 2004, the decommissioning decree the 13th of September 2006 has allowed using the building without any spectific surveillance. It was thus decided to build the APOLLON facility there on the 13th of September 2010.

The refurbishment of the premises was done in the framework of the RIO (Rénovation des Installations de l’Orme) project led by CEA/DRF.

The usable surface area of the laser hall (HE3) and of the two experimental areas (HE0 and HE1) is 1 570 m2.  Five-meter thick concrete walls ensure radiation protection of the facility.

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