The APOLLON Research Infrastructure is included in the 2018 French roadmap 2018 should ultimately deliver a laser peak power of 10 PW *. This extreme value will allow the facility to produce energetic and ultra-short particle and radiation beams with unrivalled characteristics and to push the limits of fundamental research.  Open to the national and international scientific community by 2020, APOLLON will be a major instrument to explore new topics, from relativistic physics to vacuum physics, using innovative particle acceleration techniques, and to tackle novel pluridisciplinary applications.

APOLLON is operated by the LULI laboratory

APOLLON was funded – as far as the laser system is concerned – through the 2007-2013 State – Ile-de-France Region Plan, with complementary support from CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA, and – for the experimental areas – by the CILEX EquipEx project, which gathers several partners on the Plateau de Saclay.

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* 1 petawatt (PW) = 1 million billion of watts