Invited speakers


The speakers in the list below were contacted for an invited talk and have answered positively when confirmed is indicated: the title of their talk will be specified when they submit their abstract (submission opens on April 14).


  • High power and/or high energy lasers

    • P. Audebert (LULI, FR) - Ultra-High Intensity laser facilities in France: status & scientific highlights (confirmed)

    • C. Danson (AWE, UK) - The ORION facility and scientific highlights (confirmed)

    • J.-L. Miquel (CEA/DAM, FR) - LMJ facility status and scientific highlights (confirmed)

    • A. Sergeev (IAP, RU) - New research prospects with the XCELS laser facility (confirmed)

  • Inertial Confinement Fusion

    • S. Fujioka (ILE, JP) - Generation of strong magnetic fields with lasers (confirmed)

    • O. Landen (LLNL, US) - The NIF program: status and prospects (confirmed)

  • Laser-produced plasma physics

    • A. Benuzzi-Mounaix (LULI, FR) - Planetology and Equation-of-State studies with lasers (confirmed)

    • D. Hinkel (LLNL, US) - Laser-plasma interaction for NIF (confirmed)

  • Relativistic particle and radiation sources

    • M. Kaluza (U.Jena, DE) - Production of high-energy particles (ions) in laser-plasma experiments (confirmed)

    • W. Leemans (LBNL, US) - Electron acceleration and the BELLA project (confirmed)

    • G. Tallents (U.York, UK) - X-ray sources: state-of-the-art and perspectives (confirmed)

  • Attophysics

    • J. Mauritsson (U.Lund, SW) - Generation of as pulses and applications (confirmed)

  • LPB prize recognizing outstanding results achieved in High Energy Physics by a young scientist - W. Cayzac (GSI, DE): Ion energy loss at maximum stopping power in a laser-generated plasma (confirmed)