Papers will be welcome on theoretical, computational and experimental research on the following topics:

I. Inertial fusion physics

  1. Central ignition schemes
  2. Alternative ignition schemes (fast ignition, shock ignition, etc.)
  3. Laser(Beam)-plasma interaction
  4. Hohlraum energetics
  5. Implosion hydrodynamics (incl. equations of state & hydro-instabilities)
  6. Burning plasma physics

II. Technologies

  1. High-energy and/or short-pulse laser facilities / technology
  2. Heavy ion beam drivers
  3. Z-pinches and pulsed power machines
  4. Inertial fusion energy power plant technologies
  5. Target fabrication
  6. Diagnostics

III. High energy density physics & applications

  1. Plasma atomic physics (incl. radiation transport & opacities)
  2. Laboratory astrophysics
  3. Condensed matter physics & laboratory planetology
  4. Laser-matter interaction at ultra-high intensity
  5. Particle acceleration and applications
  6. Radiation sources and applications
  7. Strong field science and applications