Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations

Speakers are required to transfer their presentation to the conference computer system in the IFSA speaker-ready office, using a USB drive, as early as possible (at least 4 hours before their session). Presentations in either a ‘pdf’ or ‘ppt/pptx’ and a 4:3 format (with fonts larger than 16pt) are strongly encouraged. Once transferred and guaranteed virus-free, speakers should preview their presentation to make sure it displays as intended.

The time allocations are 40 minutes for the keynote presentations, 30 minutes for the plenary presentations and 20 minutes for the oral presentations. These durations include 5 minutes for questions and answers.

Speakers will not be allowed to use their own computer to give their presentation in order to ensure a smooth transition between talks.

Please note that the session chairs will be instructed that the time lost due to technical difficulties from not following the above-described  guidelines will be subtracted from the speaker’s allocated time.

Poster Presentations

Poster sessions (3 during the conference week) are an essential component of the IFSA conference.

The poster presenter is expected to remain at the poster site during the entire poster session. Each poster presentation has been assigned a number and must be mounted on the appropriately numbered board. Presenters can check the number by referring to the printed or on-line program. Posters may be mounted anytime prior to the poster session on the assigned day. Please remove all posters at the end of the day.

Posters must fit within 95 cm x 110 cm (A0 portrait format); velcro will be provided on-site to affix them.

Participants must bring their printed poster with them, as poster printers will not be available at the conference.