Keynote lectures and plenary talks

Keynotes lectures

  • G. Gregori, U. Oxford (UK): title to be determined
  • G. Rochau, SNL (USA): A Multi-Dimensional View of the U.S. Inertial Confinement Fusion Program
  • H. Yoneda, ILS/UEC (Japan): title to be determined

Plenary talks

  • F. Albert, LLNL (USA): Betatron x-ray radiation in the self-modulated laser wakefield acceleration regime: prospects for a novel probe at large scale laser facilities
  • A. Casner, CELIA (France):¬†From ICF to Laboratory astrophysics experiments relevant to the physics of young Supernova Remnants: ablative and classical Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in turbulent-like regimes
  • Y. Kishimoto, GSES (Japan): Generation of self-organized high energy density plasma by the interaction between high intensity laser and structured medium
  • J. Kline, LANL (USA): Comparison of indirect drive target performance using different ablator materials on the NIF
  • Y. Li, CAS IoP (China): Terahertz transition radiation generated in intense laser-foil interactions
  • A. Macphee, LLNL (USA): Measurement and mitigation of x-ray shadow imprint of hydrodynamic instabilities on the surface of ICF capsules due to the fill tube
  • J.-L. Miquel, CEA/DAM (France): LMJ & PETAL Status and Program Overview
  • A. Morace, ILE (Japan): Energetic Proton Beam Acceleration on LFEX Laser
  • P. Neumayer, GSI (Germany): Ultra-high energy density conditions produced in free-floating micron-size targets by laser irradiation at 1020 W/cm22
  • K. Peterson, SNL (USA): Progress in Magnetized Liner Inertial Laser Fusion Research
  • M. Roth, TUD (Germany): Bright, laser-driven neutron sources and their potential for applications
  • S. Regan, LLE (USA): The National Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Program
  • S. Rose, IC London (UK): Line-coincidence radiative photopumping in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas
  • Y. Sentoku, ILE (Japan): Demonstration of REB Drive Fast Ignition with Assistance of External Magnetic Field in FIREX Project
  • P. Springer, LLNL (USA): A 3D dynamic model to assess impacts of low-mode asymmetry, aneurysms, and mix induced radiative loss on capsule performance at NIF, Omega, and Z
  • P. Tzeferacos, U. Chicago (USA): Magnetic fields in the Cosmos: how laser-driven experiments can shed light on the turbulent dynamo mechanism
  • F. Wang, CAEP (China): Recent Progress of Inertial Confinement Fusion diagnostics technique and experimental improvment¬†based on Shen Guang III laser facility in China
  • S. Zou, IAPCM (China): The performance and anomalies of the 1D implosion campaign on the SG-III laser facility