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X-ray filter transmission - F. Pérez
Data from both NIST and Henke tables, joined at 10 keV.

How to enter input

Each line is a filter stack that can contain several filters, separated by either of the characters
& , / +
For example:
filter1 + filter2 + filter3
Each filter must be formatted in 3 parts:
thickness units material
Optionally, density can be indicated in parentheses, with units:
thickness units material (density units)
For example:
10 um Cu (4 g/cc)

Available materials

Elements of the periodical table up to uranium are available by their chemical denomination (Al, Fe, Si, etc.) using their density in normal condition as default.

Compounds can be formed using usual chemical denomination such as SiO2, CH4, etc. In this case a density (in parentheses) has to be provided.

Plotting options

Limits, log scale and grid options are available from the menu.

Click on the top-left colored lines to change the line style.

Some plot elements are draggable.

Click on the graph for a more precise cursor.